EV3 Smart Camera Breakout board (lms-ev3-openmv)


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Unlock the true potential of your MINDSTORMS EV3 hub with the EV3 Smart Camera Breakout board. Seamlessly integrate third-party electronics, and especially AI cameras like OpenMV and Huskylens, to bring unprecedented capabilities to your robot creations.

Key Features:

  • Plug & Play: Designed for ease of use, simply connect your OpenMV or Huskylens camera to this breakout board and interface with the EV3 hub.
  • Universal Compatibility: While optimized for smart AI Cameras, the board also allows integration with a variety of third-party electronics.
  • High-quality PCB: Ensures longevity and stable connections for consistent performance.
  • Connectivity: Leaves room for stacking many OpenMV add-on boards. Exposes all leads as male and female pins.
  • Easy to program with Micropython libraries: We keep a public GitHub repository with libraries that make it easy to communicate with external electronics.
  • Pre-soldered: No soldering required, you can use it right away!
  • OpenMV Shield Dimensions: This board has the size of an openMV Shield and allows you to stack more shields, including the LCD display.

Use Cases

  1. AI-powered Robot: Use the breakout board to create an EV3 robot that can recognize and respond to visual cues, thanks to the connected AI camera.
  2. Automated Sorting System: With a Huskylens camera connected, your EV3 system can sort bricks by color, shape, or even custom patterns you design!
  3. Interactive Maze Runner: Design a maze and have your EV3 robot navigate it using visual cues captured by the OpenMV camera.
  4. Advanced Security System: Use the AI camera’s facial recognition feature to design a MINDSTORMS security system that grants access only to authorized personnel.


  • Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 30 mm (width, length, height)
  • Compatibility: MINDSTORMS EV3 hub, OpenMV, Huskylens, and other third-party electronics.
  • Connectors: RJ-12 right (MINDSTORMS), 0.1″ (2.54mm) headers.


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ev3 breakout board for smart cameras and electronics lms-ev3-openmv
EV3 Smart Camera Breakout board (lms-ev3-openmv)