Custom modeling service

I’m happy to create custom-built LEGO MINDSTORMS models of your product. A moving model is a great way to promote your company to new customers or employees. Much like the C4tfish and Saphiro the dragon, your products will be moving like in real life. They come with full building instructions and programming.

Depending on your wishing they can be scale models or technical parts of a model. There are many possibilities with such a model. It can be a showcase, a crowd attraction a building challenge, or a giveaway.

LEGO House project

The LEGO House in Billund asked me to design their Beekeeper robot. It is an interactive EV3-based model that is in operation 355 days per year, 8 hours per day. All visitors to the LEGO House can program it and play interactive challenges. On my blog, I have a full design story for the Beekeeper robot.

Robo Lab Beekeeper robot

TMC Dumont project

In the video below you can see a model, I made based on the TMC Dumont. This model is only true to scale and functionality. With some investment in more parts, I could also have made it true in colors.

An example of a functioning model built to scale.

If you are interested, feel free to drop me a line at Or just call me. My number is +31 6 106 54 168.

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