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The SPIKE Prime bunny model hops like a real one. It can even sit up and stomp its feet! You only need one kit of LEGO Education SPIKE Prime to build this model. The included program just makes it hop. It’s up to you to create more bunny-like behaviors. Did you know rabbits stomp their feet to communicate? Unlike many animals, they don’t have vocal cords.

This rabbit is great Easter Bunny activity!

Fun Activities with the SPIKE Prime bunny

You can play with the model as it is, but you can also tweak it and explore what makes the bunny hop.

  • Move the gear in the front paws up and down and see how that influences sitting properties and hopping movement.
  • Try longer or shorter back legs. Find out what works best. Do longer legs make the bunny faster?
  • Make the SPIKE Prime bunny can steer left and right with the regular pink steering block.
  • Use it with the MINDSTORMS software and make a remote control version.
  • Build a backpack for transporting easter eggs.
  • Connect the head with the front arms so the bunny can look around or wiggle its ears.
  • Turn it into a real Easter Bunny with a basket for chocolate eggs!
  • Do you want to try something advanced? Program your bunny in Python with the keyframe animation boilerplate code.

Included in this download

  • PDF Building instructions and code
  • Word Blocks program for SPIKE Prime



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SPIKE Prime bunny
Hopping Bunny with SPIKE Prime