Remote Control Transmitter with Mindstorms 51515



This MINDSTORMS remote control RC transmitter works just like the one from your RC model cars and boats. Use the trigger to go forward and backward. Use the wheel on the side to steer. This particular model includes Python code to communicate with other LEGO SPIKE Prime or Robot Inventor hubs over Bluetooth.

You can also find the remote control python code and the hotrod car python code on GitHub.

This download includes

  • PDF Building Instructions
  • SPIKE Prime/Robot Inventor program (Python)
  • Robot Inventor program for the Hot Rod car
  • SPIKE Prime program for a simple tank.
  • EV3 car program (coming soon…)

Mindstorms RC Transmitter functions

  • Steering
  • Accelerate and reverse
  • Trim the steering
  • Rol and pitch to control
  • Pressure-sensitive thumb button for custom function
  • Left and right buttons on the hub for custom function

Built for left- and righthanded people

You can switch around the MINDSTORMS Remote Control so it becomes a left-handed transmitter. Just plug in the wheel and the trigger on the other side.

robot inventor rc transmitter for lefties
Easy to switch into a left-handed transmitter


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