Remote controlled Hot Rod with 51515

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This Robot Inventor Hot Rod model shows how a differential gear improves how a car turns. It is geared to go faster than the M.V.P. model that is included in the 51515 set. There are two versions of the building instructions. A simple one, with the steering mechanism attached to the steering motor directly and a more complex one, where the steering is geared down. The first version is easier to program, but has less accurate and direct steering, because the motors cannot control small movements very well. The second version is somewhat harder to program, but it steers better.

Both versions of the car work great with the 51515 Robot Inventor remote control possibilities. You can use a PS4 or Xbox gamepad to remote control this car. You can also you the on-screen remote control joystick.

The building instructions come with full wiring instructions so your model looks exactly like the video. It is important that the wires are inserted well. If they drag over the floor while driving, that could damage the wires.

This download includes:

  • Building instructions for a version where steering is connected to the motor axle directly
  • Building instructions for a geared-down version of the steering mechanism
  • Program files for both

3 reviews for Remote controlled Hot Rod with 51515

  1. 5 out of 5

    hendy cendana

    Hello where is the building instrucktions?

    • anton

      After purchase, they are in your email and in your account. 😉

  2. 5 out of 5

    Dewald van Staden (verified owner)

    Awesome product. The instruction set is super clear. Looks just like the original lego instructions from LEGO itself. Code included for Mac OS as well. Best way to quickly learn new principles, by doing it yourself with guided instructions.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Christian (verified owner)

    Nice kit, nice model. However, I am a little disappointed about the code. I was expecting the code to be able to directly connect a BT remote (e.g. PS controller) to the hub. However, it just works via the laptop relay.

    Or did I miss something?
    I believe, the MicroPython BLE stack should be able to directly connect with a PS controller. I bought this kit as I was of (little) hope that there would be some python code to handle that.

    • anton

      Hi Christian,
      I’m happy to help you with more code, you can always drop me a line. The included code is within the limitation of LEGO firmware and software. I agree with your comment, but I can’t change the LEGO software. However! There are ways around this. I have an external PCB – LMS-ESP32 – for sale that can translate Bluetooth signals from a gamepad and pose as a LEGO sensor. This works great for Plasystation controllers. It is super fast and responsive. On my website I have many code examples. Furthermore, in the very near future, Pybricks will support BLE gamepads without that PCB. However note that Pybricks supports only BLE, not BTC for PS controllers. The only mass market BLE controller is the newest XBOX controller.

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Remote controlled Hot Rod with 51515