Pod Racers Bundle

Original price was: €20.00.Current price is: €15.00.

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Original price was: €10.00.Current price is: €7.50.


Get 25% off if you buy both the SPIKE Prime and the Robot Inventor Pod Racer model.

The Story Behind the SPIKE and Robot Inventor Pod Racers

Inspired by the sleek design of Star Wars pod racers and the powerful potential of LEGO® motors, I embarked on a quest to create the ultimate racing experience. After numerous trials and iterations, I succeeded in designing a racer that not only looks stellar but performs spectacularly. The racer features dual engines that pull a hovering pod, all steered with precision engineering. It’s not just a model; it’s an invitation to race through new terrains and compete with friends in real-life pod races. That’s why I thought I’d build both the SPIKE and the Inventor models: I have both sets, and now I can race a friend.


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