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The LEGO house permitted me to publish the beekeeper robot’s building instructions in the Robolab experience! You can download the PDF, Bricklink wishlist XML, and studio file at the bottom of this article. I also published a full design story for the beekeeper robot. Read that article if you want insight into the robot design process!

Base sets for the beekeeper robot

If you decide to build the robot, it helps to have a consumer LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set. I used the brain and motors of precisely one such set. Any yellow tracked LEGO Technic construction machine should help you get many other yellow parts. I used Technic set 42094. Because of my robot remix mind, I gravitated towards EV3 + Technic as a basis for the model. I needed many more parts, however, to build the full beekeeper.

Batteries for LEGO House robots

I built the robot around the rechargeable EV3 battery. The battery hatch is not easy to access if you use AA batteries. LEGO Education EV3 sets with such batteries are cheap these days, and you might want to get one before they sell out!

Program files

The program files are proprietary. And there wouldn’t be much use sharing them, because they connect to the LEGO House game. But I’m sure you’ll figure out some fun programs to run on the beekeeper robot!

Files included in the free download of the Beekeeper robot building instructions.

You can start with the wishlist.xml file. The easiest way is to upload that to your account and remove any parts you already have. You can then order the rest online. Once you have the parts, the 380 steps in the PDF will help you build your beekeeper robot.

Enjoying the free download? Some things you can do in return

I try to inspire as many people as possible to build robots. My next goal is 10.000 subs, so I really appreciate your subscribing to my YouTube channel. It’s full of in-depth tutorials around LEGO MINDSTORMS. The quick bites are on Antons Mindstorms Instagram. And if you are really happy, some support on Patreon is also welcome. You’ll get the latest building instructions before anyone else. In the Patreon download of the Beekeeper robot instructions, For completeness, I also included my original studio file. When the PDF is unclear, you can open that file and get more insight into the model. I don’t often include studio files, so here’s a unique chance to look at the setup of my studio building instructions!

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