Catfish EV3 Robot Remix with Hovercraft 42076



This download is the completely reworked PDF version of the free MINDSTORMS EV3 catfish building instructions I published earlier. The catfish is a Robot Remix: it combines the parts of the MINDSTORMS 31313 set with the Technic Hovercraft 42076 set. You can get the parts for this robot easily by just buying the Technic and add to your MINDSTORMS. Maybe you already have it!

The EV3 catfish is a remote-controlled fish. You can use it with the IR remote control. It’s fun to make it swim around your living room.

You can replace the color sensor in the mouth with an EV3 ultrasonic sensor to make it autonomous. It will then swim around your living room all by itself. It is quieting to watch, much like a pool with carps. When the catfish swims, it moves the tail, flaps it’s fins, and opens the mouth. Just like a real fish, it speeds up by wagging the tail and then glides over the floor.

The instructions now include full wiring and cable management. The LEGO MINDSTORMS c4tfish building instructions are high-resolution and easy to use on your tablet.

The download includes:

  • PDF Building instructions
  • PDF for the display stand – pedestal
  • EV3 program files

You can put the fish on a display stand to show at as an automaton on a shelf. You then have a nice kinetic lego sculpture with an EV3 catfish. In contrast to the LEGO FORMA sets, you can actually build and buy this. As an added bonus: it’s automatic. No need to turn any levers. The PDF for this pedestal is included in the download. You don’t need extra parts to build it, it can all be done with the combined parts of the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set and the Technic 42076 Hovercraft.

EV3 Catfish building instructions step 29 EV3 Catfish building instructions step 234 EV3 Catfish building instructions step 295


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EV3 Catfish robot remix free building instructions
Catfish EV3 Robot Remix with Hovercraft 42076