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Whether you’re a seasoned robotics educator, a budding engineer, or a LEGO enthusiast, the SPIKE Prime Pod Racer is designed to electrify your Star Wars Pod Racing fantasies. Crafted by Anton, a pioneer in SPIKE Prime models, and remote controlled LEGO, this kit promises not only a challenge but also an exhilarating race into the world of speed.

Why Choose SPIKE Prime Pod Racer?

Perfect for Educators and Students

  • Interactive Group Activity: Build and race with students or peers to foster teamwork and practical problem-solving.

Ideal for Hobbyists and Engineers

  • Advanced Building Challenge: Put your skills to the test with intricate designs and mechanical concepts.
  • Expand Your Robotics Horizons: Explore advanced programming options with included Python scripts.

Great with a gamepad

  • Family-Friendly Fun: Engage in a thrilling build-and-race experience with family members aged 10 and up.
  • Recreate Iconic Races: Relive the excitement of Star Wars pod racing right in your living room!
  • Xbox One S/X: Use Pybricks and an XBOX One S/X controller to drive this model.
  • Any other Bluetooth gamepad: Consider getting an LMS-ESP32 board to connect it to your SPIKE Prime hub. A program for this is included.

What Makes the SPIKE Pod Racer Special?

Built and supported by an expert modeler

As one of the first developers for SPIKE Prime models, Anton’s designs are renowned for their detail and functionality. His building instructions are top downloads because they promise both quality and versatility.

Comprehensive Resources

PDF Building Instructions: Clear, step-by-step guides make building a breeze.
Handy Programming Content: Includes word block programs for SPIKE3 and Pybricks, along with Python programs.

One Kit Build

No need for extra parts—this model uses only what’s in your SPIKE Prime kit.

When to Dive Into Building Your Pod Racer?

  • Got a SPIKE Prime kit gathering dust? Time to give it new life!
  • Looking for a unique challenge that combines technology with fun? This is it!
  • Organizing a tech-focused event? Add some competitive flair with pod racer races!

The Story Behind The Creation

Ever since the SPIKE Prime kit came out, I wanted to make a Pod Racer. The small, oblong motors with the flat wires instantly made me think of the engines that pull a pod. I have tried many different configurations, and it was difficult to find one that looked good and worked great. Originally, I wanted the model to be pulled by the motor wires, not LEGO beams. But that was impossible to steer. Finally, a found one and I created building instructions for it. The model seats a minifigure, has a ‘hovering’ pod, and is pulled by two engines. Enjoy racing your friends in a real-life pod race!


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Spike Pod Racer
SPIKE Pod Racer One kit