WiFi Python LMS-ESP32 board for MINDSTORMS (LMS-ESP32-v1.0)

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× WiFi Python LMS-ESP32 board for MINDSTORMS (LMS-ESP32-v1.0)
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This all-new MicroPython expansion board for LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor, Spike Prime, and EV3. You can easily connect this LMS-ESP32-v1.0 board to your LEGO robot and use it as an interface to a limitless range of third-party electronics. You can now connect any protocol to your LEGO Robot: I2C, UART, SPI, WS2812, Neopixel, I2S, WiFi, Bluetooth Classic, BLE, Bluetooth HID, Hobby Servo PWM, and many more.

👉 Gamepad controller connection is one of the most popular applications. There’s a long list of supported controllers. Controllers work in SPIKE3, Robot Inventor and Pybricks firmwares. Both Word Blocks and Python. On iPad, chromebooks and any device. Avoid PS3 controllers, they are extremely hard to pair.

👉 NEW! This board now includes a 10% coupon for a Pybricks blocks lifetime license

LMS-ESP32 Documentation and hardware details

We maintain documentation on docs.antonsmindstorms.com. There is a special documentation page dedicated to the LMS-ESP32 board. We developed SerialTalk and mpy_robot_tools to make it easy to connect to this board. There are many example projects in these GitHub repositories.

New possibilities for your LEGO Robot with the LMS-ESP32-v1.0

The new ESP32 board has all the features of the previous Wifi Board for SPIKE and MINDSTORMS but adds these possibilities:

  • Bluetooth support for both BLE and Bluetooth classic.
  • WiFi support
  • 5V and 3V3 rail for powering hobby servos (with optional buck converter)
  • I2S Microphone input for voice recognition (with optional I2S microphone)
  • 4MB memory to compile the largest scripts.
  • Micro-USB to connect to your laptop via Serial/UART/REPL and power the board too
  • PWM up to 80MHz, 16 bit
  • Can use the 8V from the MINDSTORMS or SPIKE hub to power 5V appliances

Of course, all of the existing functionality of the last WiFi Mindstorms Spike Board is still there:

  • I2C
  • Neopixel (ws2812) support
  • Multiple Uart channels
  • I2S
  • Analog to Digital pins
  • WebREPL
  • Hotspot

Applications for the LMS-ESP32-v1.0 board

We designed this board with the following applications in mind:

  • Stand-alone voice-controlled MINDSTORMS robots
  • RGB LED-enhanced robots
  • LEGO Robots with full-color touch screens
  • Limitless I2C sensors, like laser range-finders
  • Connecting to Bluetooth gamepads – like the PS4 Sixaxis, or the Nintendo Switch – and steering your robot directly

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1 review for WiFi Python LMS-ESP32 board for MINDSTORMS (LMS-ESP32-v1.0)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Son (verified owner)

    I have received my LMS-ESP32 last week, to my surprise, it works flawlessly with MINDSTORMS as if it was made as single product. I followed the instructions on the site and make it work with my dualsense easily.

    My son enjoys the MINDSTORMS even more as he can play around with them without asking me to turn on my laptop and he doesn’t have to deal with stream mode breakdowns.

    He is now asking me to learn further coding in pybricks to explore more functionalities.

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LMS-ESP32 SPIKE Inventor Wifi Breakout
WiFi Python LMS-ESP32 board for MINDSTORMS (LMS-ESP32-v1.0)